May 19 • 1HR 17M

#1 Nicole Olsthoorn

on how to turn pain into pleasure

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Irene van Gent
This is a podcast about how to embrace your highest Self and live the life that suits you best. You will be able to listen to interviews with people who tell you about their journey to embracing themselves and I will share all about my own journey towards embracing myself
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In this first episode of the Embrace your Self podcast, I am talking to Nicole Olsthoorn, also known as the Celtic Goddess. I met Nicole in 2015, when we were both members of a network of spiritual entrepreneurs. It was a great time feeling the sisterhood with this powerful group of women. When Nicole was living as a nomad, she stayed with me for a couple of days and she left for her round trip through Europe from my apartment.

Last year I followed her program Becoming the Goddess, where I started to embrace my true self. A journey which came with a lot of resistance, because Nicole is a visionary and sees what you need, before you see it yourself.

There is another thing we have in common, we both have a diagnosis called endometriosis and this disease is not very well known, even though 1 out of 10 women suffers from it. Mostly in silence. Because there is still a big taboo around diseases concerning the womb. The reason I wanted to talk to Nicole about this subject is because she has done something amazing (in my eyes) and she turned her pain from endometriosis into pleasure. When she was diagnosed with endometriosis she was told to have an operation to have her uterus removed. But she decided to try out the alternative way first.

In this podcast we will talk about her personal journey and her vision on how you can move your pain into pleasure too.

If you want to know more about Nicoles work, please check out her website, or follow her in Instagram

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