Jun 10 • 50M

#2 Arnaud Saint Paul

on how to open your heart to yourself

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This is a podcast about how to embrace your highest Self and live the life that suits you best. You will be able to listen to interviews with people who tell you about their journey to embracing themselves and I will share all about my own journey towards embracing myself
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In this episode of the Embrace your Self podcast I am talking to Arnaud Saint Paul, who is a conscious technologist, philanthropist, author, and visionary. He has been inspiring businesses and individuals around the world since decades by helping them reach their highest potential. Since a couple of years he is on a mission to help 1 billion people open their heart to themselves. In this podcast Arnaud shares his beliefs on how we can open our hearts and live in harmony with ourself.  

We had a very interesting talk about finding harmony within, the difference between the I and the Self, connecting to the theta waves in a noisy world and how to move from a masculine to a feminine society.

Every now moment is perfect by default

I loved Arnauds statement on how to deal with painful moments. He states that every now moment is perfect by default. And even though I do agree with him, I find myself fighting with moments that are tough. Realising that whatever happens to you is okay, makes you relax in every moment. You worry less about the past and the future. Every moment just is…

Become harmonious with every moment

To gain awareness of this, Arnaud shares one of his exercises that you can download on his website.

The essence of this exercise is to start seeing what is going on and push the pause button.

1.      Become aware that something is working out, be present with what is happening

2.      Accepting it as what it is

3.      Step into a place of compassion, can I feel gratitude or compassion towards the person or the situation. Find a place in your heart for forgiveness for yourself, your reaction and the event itself. Welcome it fully, embrace it. It is there because it needs your attention. Then starts the transformation.

When you practise this, you are cleaning up your mirror and can see more clearly.